A Post Op & A Doc

APOD_2015_444X181Who is APOD?
A Post-Op & A Doc is a surprisingly obvious synergistic pairing of Cari De La Cruz (a bariatric post-op) and Dr. Connie Stapleton (a psychologist specializing in recovery and weight management). Together they guide people in a firm and fun way, beyond a life focused on the scale, to living fully in recovery from obesity…because they believe it’s good to know, and even better to understand.

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Firm, Fair, & Fun Answers to Your Questions About Living Fully in Recovery From Obesity After Weight Loss Surgery


Buy Straight Talk with A Post-Op & A DocStraight Talk With A Post Op and A Doc provides firm, fair and fun answers to the “whys?” of weight loss surgery and living fully in recovery from obesity. Cari De La Cruz and Dr. Connie Stapleton provide a unique perspective, offering the experience and insight of a Post-Op with nearly a decade of living as “Twice the Woman in Half the Body,” and Dr. Connie Stapleton, a licensed psychologist providing the clinical expertise gleaned from working in the world of recovery for over 20 years. Together they provide down-to-earth responses to typical questions related to life after weight loss surgery: “Why am I still struggling with my weight?” “Why do I still feel hungry sometimes?” “Why aren’t I happy…I thought I’d be happy after I lost weight?” “Why am I so afraid of regain?”Written with honesty, humor and compassion, Straight Talk with A Post-Op & A Doc allows readers to get “wise” as they get answers to these “whys”…and more.

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