In-Person Services

For the past 20 years, I have been blessed to work extensively with both patients and professionals. I love working with patients, who are eager to learn healthier ways of dealing with life’s “stuff.”

Professionals… let’s just say that some are very enthusiastic and willingly open their minds to other disciplines. It’s such a pleasure to share ideas and knowledge with the group. Many thanks and much gratitude to these professionals! Others, well… have so much knowledge they don’t seem to want any more! :) I specifically want to talk with you! (Pay special attention to the “Pull Your Heads Out” topics!)

I offer an array of services for both patient and professional groups. In addition to in-person and online individual and group therapy, I have developed programs for patients so they can work on specific issues in their own timeframe, in conjunction with any other professional services they are utilizing. Professionals can encourage their clientele to use these programs as adjuncts to the services they are providing.

Public speaking is a fun hobby for me, not something I fear more than death, which is the case for a number of people. I very passionately present information to patient groups and to professionals in the form of CEU programs and patient workshops. In addition, corporate education is something I very much enjoy. Feel free to recommend me to speak to your organization or to your colleagues! Thanks!

For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact my office.


  • Pre-surgical weight loss surgery evaluations
  • Addiction evaluations
    • Sex addiction
    •  Alcohol/Drug
  • Adoption evaluations
  • Egg donor evaluations

Individual Therapy

  • Weight-related issues
  • Addiction/Recovery issues
  • Family of Origin (birth family)
  • Daily “life” issues
    • Stress
    • Depression
  • Infertility stress
  • Relationship issues

Group Therapy

  • MindPrep for Sustained Weight Loss (Coming soon)
  • Continuing education

Couples Therapy

  • Pre-marital therapy
  • Marriage problems

Continuing Education

  • “Understanding the Obese Patient”
  • Psychological Issues Related to Obesity
  • Treating the Obese Patient
  • MindPrep for Sustained Weight Loss (Coming soon)


  • Bariatric program celebrations
  • Corporate education and professional conferences
    • Whole Person Wellness
    • Healthy Weight for Life
    • Recovery FOR Life
    • Addiction in the Workplace
    • Food Addiction
    • Process Addictions
    • Functional Addiction
    • Get Help and Get Happier
    • Living Fully