Online Weight Loss Group Program

Join other weight loss patients in a 10-week online live video program!

GAIN While You LOSE is a program designed for anyone interested in weight loss. No matter where you are on your weight loss journey, regardless of whether you have opted for medical weight loss or weight loss surgery. you are welcome to participate.

Here is what you will GAIN while you LOSE:

GAIN AWARENESS, INSIGHT, and kNOWledge related to:

  • Why it is so difficult to get weight off and KEEP IT OFF

  • How to heal your relationship with yourself

  • How to heal your relationship with food

  • How to heal your relationships with others

  • How to live life FULLY without obsessing about food, weight, diets

  • How to live in RECOVERY from the disease of obesity

All you will need is a computer, an email address, an internet connection, and a credit card for payment.

I have completed thousands of Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations for bariatric patients in the past decade and have run several successful local support groups for weight loss patients. I am the author of four books related to weight loss surgery and am the creator of the MindPrep™ video series, an adjunct program to help prepare patients for the life changes they will encounter throughout their weight loss journey. I speak nationally and internationally to patient and professional groups on the subject of psychological issues pertaining to bariatric patients.

Benefits of having me conduct a live, online weight loss program for you:

  • I understand what needs to be addressed in a weight loss group program environment

  • Expert insight into the process of assisting you in preparation to have a successful weight loss outcome and to keep the weight off

  • Sharing this experience and your issues with other weight loss patients who have “been there” is very powerful

  • Saves you the time, gas and mileage by “meeting” online in the convenience of your own home or office

  • Convenient if you are a rural patient or have a difficult time getting to an office

Ready to get started?

  • Must have an email address and an Internet connection

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