Welcome to my web page, where you can “Get Help and Get Happy!” My mission is to assist people in finding joy in their lives. I hope to do this by sharing with you what others have shared with me along my journey. Check in frequently to see what words of wit and wisdom I offer which can help you and help me to focus on gratitude and appreciation of ourselves and others – these things, I believe, are the keys to happiness!

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    This month’s free APODCast is on Wednesday, July 16th. It is titled Call the Waaaaaaaahmbulance: Stop Whining and Start Winning at Recovery. To watch it live, click here! Stay tuned for info on Recovery in the blog and the HoMEWork.

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    Winning Against Obesity Challenge
    Throughout 2014 in a city near you!

    APODCast – Call the Wahhhhmbluance! Stop Whining and Start Winning at Recovery
    July 16, 2014 - 9:00 PM ET

    APODCast – Porn: Slip into something sexy, dim the lights, and let's talk about FOOD
    August 13, 2014- 9:00 PM ET

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