My Clients

Many patients, regardless of the reason they initially come to see me, have scars from childhood that affect their present day thinking, behavior and attitudes. I always evaluate for family of origin patterns and any childhood trauma/abuse.

I focus on living in the present, and address past issues in so far as they interfere with healthy adult living in the present.

General Clients

I work primarily with adults, but do see some teens.

I see most people to deal with “daily life” issues to include depression, anxiety, stress, family issues, and relationship problems. Many times the bottom line is that one’s coping skills are rooted in unhealthy methods. What’s needed is a review of what one learned in their family of origin, determining if the skills they know are working for them, and discovering healthier ways to deal with life as it happens.

Weight Issues/Healthy Living

The majority of my time is spent working in the area of weight loss and healthy living. I work with both surgical weight loss patients and medical (non-surgical) weight loss patients. I do both individual and group therapy related to weight loss and healthy living, working primarily with adults.

I have created two sets of videos for use in bariatric and/or medical weight loss professional programs. See MindPrep for Weight Loss Surgery and MindPrep for Medical Weight Loss (coming soon).

Additionally, I have created two weight loss programs for patients to purchase and to utilize on their own, preferably under the supervision of their own medical provider and with the help of a mental health professional. See Mind Prep for Sustained Weight Loss (coming soon) and Weight Loss for Chronic Losers (coming soon).


I work with many people who struggle with addictions (food, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, internet, relationships, etc.). In addition to conducting alcohol/drug evaluations and sex addiction evaluations, I see patients individually to help them learn to live fully in recovery from their disease.

I fully support 12-Step Recovery programs, as well as Celebrate Recovery.