Weight Loss

You’ve surely heard by now that 1/3 of our American population is overweight or obese. That’s not good! Not because overweight or obese people aren’t good people, but because excess weight causes a LOT of problems, both physiologically and psychologically.

People collectively spend literally billions of dollars each year in efforts to lose weight. And many of them, even if they do get some or all of their excess weight off, eventually gain some or all of it back.

Sustained weight loss is hard and requires a good deal of sustained effort. Having help to lose, and keep weight off, makes the seemingly insurmountable task feel a bit more manageable.

Most weight loss programs, whether medical or surgical, emphasize diet (to include nutrition education) and exercise (which they often refer to as the “behavior management” aspect of the program). Most programs seem quite proud of themselves for including this “psychological” piece of the weight loss program.

I, however, nearly scoff at the thought that any professional believes a “behavior management” aspect of a program provides the psychological assistance patients know they need in the process of losing weight and in working to maintain a healthy weight after weight loss. 

That’s what I do. I talk about the deeper psychological issues related to why getting weight off and keeping it off are so difficult.

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