About Dr. Stapleton

My message to you


When I was in my late twenties, before returning to school to be a psychologist, I entered therapy and began learning to be the person I was born into this world to be. Like most of us, my authentic self was covered up with unhealthy coping skills to help me deal with things that overwhelmed me. Although these coping skills helped me endure times of stress, chaos and anxiety, it turned out that they did not serve me well in my adult life.

I’ve spent my entire adult years learning and practicing the tools I learned in therapy that have allowed me to be healthier and to live life fully on life’s terms. In other words – in therapy, I learned to deal directly with life as it happens without trying to hide from reality and from my feelings.

The ultimate result has been healing my relationship with myself, which has also resulted in healing relationships with other people. Living fully, without the use of distractions and addictions, has allowed me to experience emotional peace in life, as well as times of great joy. I didn’t know early in my life the kind of happiness that was possible in the simplest of daily things. This kind of acceptance and contentment with life can only come from learning – in therapy and from mentors – and by being willing to put forth a whole lot of continual effort to live a healthy lifestyle.

My hope is that you will put forth some time and effort into improving your relationship with yourself. It would bring me joy knowing that I was able to pass on to you some of what was shared with me along my journey. I had to learn how to be a healthy adult and have healthy relationships with myself and with others. This is my hope for you as well.

I believe this is what therapy is about… learning to have healthy relationships with ourselves, with others, and learning to live and act in healthy, adult ways. Most of us weren’t taught the skills and tools to accomplish these things along life’s journey from childhood to adulthood.

I can help you improve your self-esteem, your self-confidence, and your self-efficacy. In therapy, you learn healthy communication skills and how to set boundaries with family members, co-workers, friends, and yes, with yourself. You learn that feeling states such as anxiety and depression are not permanent and do not define you. You learn to recognize, acknowledge, and build on your strengths.

When people enter therapy, it’s often to deal with “this problem” or “that person” or “the job” or whatever external thing is “causing” issues in their life. Yes – in therapy, we address external problems, but the bottom line is – in most cases, our relationship with ourself is what needs healing.

Please take some time and look around the website. Find some things to put into practice in your daily life that will help you deal with life in healthy ways. Find your authentic self, and discover joy and contentment – then pass it on to others!

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My Credentials


Medical College of GA/VA Consortium

Texas A&M University
PhD in Counseling Psychology
Graduated 1998

University of South Dakota
Master’s in Counseling
Graduated 1994

Iowa State University
BS in Distributed Studies
Graduated 1983