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September 21–22, 2018
Embassy Suites

10110 US Hwy 281 N.
San Antonio, TX 78216

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Connie Stapleton, Ph.D.


Dr. Connie Stapleton is a licensed psychologist whose primary focuses are weight loss, recovery from addiction and healthy living. She will help you understand the essential role that emotional and psychological issues play in weight loss and remaining engaged in the behaviors necessary for experiencing life fully at a healthy weight for your body. Dr. Stapleton uses a “fair and firm” approach, recognizing the struggles inherent in losing weight and the difficulty remaining at a healthy weight. Along with compassion, she will give you a loving “nudge,” challenging negative thinking and behaviors that contradict your stated goals.

Julia Karlstad, M.Ed.


Julia Karlstad holds over 13 years of experience developing, implementing, and directing bariatric weight loss programs. She is dedicated to helping people attain their weight loss goals and you’ll feel her passion as soon as you meet her. Julia is the Founder and President of JKFITNESS, LLC a personal training and wellness studio in San Antonio, Texas. JKFITNESS was named the 2018 San Antonio Magazine’s Best Fitness Studio. Julia was featured with one of her clients on TLC’s “My 600 Pound Life” reality show. She brings a wealth of education to the table as she has a Master’s of Education in Exercise Science as well as a Bachelor of Science in Basic Sciences from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA). She’s currently enrolled in a second Master’s Degree program (M.S. in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine) with the University of Western States. In an effort to motivate more people, Julia wrote and authored two books specific to weight loss, Rx Fitness for Weight Loss: The Medically Sound Solution to Get Fit and Save Your Life and Bariatric Fitness for Your New Life. Julia has a knack for motivating and truly understands the physiology of exercise for long term sustainable weight loss.

Michelle Baglio, RD


Michelle Baglio has been a Registered Dietitian (RD) for 16 years and has spent the majority of her career designing effective lifestyle programs for weight loss. Her career is well versed as she has experience in research, acute care, bariatric surgery, and weight management. Michelle believes that every person is an individual with unique needs whether it is to lose weight or to manage a chronic disease (or both). Since each person is unique, her focus has turned to integrative and functional nutrition. This approach is individualized to each person and evaluates all body systems, a detailed health history, physical symptoms and laboratory tests to identify factors that contributed to health or weight concerns. Michelle will give you the tools and support needed for long term weight loss success.


Dr. Eva Lopez


Dr. Eva Lopez owns a weight loss practice in San Antonio, Texas. She’s a board certified internal medicine physician and has made it her personal commitment to help patients get off unnecessary medications, successfully treat conditions resulting from poor lifestyle habits, and facilitate weight loss for those needing to lose weight. Dr. Lopez has personally battled weight issues herself; she lost over 100 lbs through her own commitment to taking control of her health. Through her weight loss journey, she discovered who she really wanted to be, which is someone who can inspire and help others achieve the seemingly impossible.

She has also been in practice over 20 years and is clinical associate faculty at UT health science center in San Antonio. She also specializes in hospital medicine which is where she sees the "sickest of the sick" and knows how, in  many cases, these illnesses could have been prevented by being cognizant and proactive in your health!

Dr. Suzanne Gazda

Dr. Suzanne Gazda has been practicing for over 20 years in neurological medicine. She’s a graduate of The University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio. As the director of Integra Clinical Research, she’s devoted numerous hours related to clinical research with special interests in the area of multiple sclerosis. She also serves as medical director for the South Texas Multiple Sclerosis Center. A noted speaker and presenter at various forums nationwide, Dr. Gazda has been recognized by both industry organizations and consumer media alike, with inclusion for four years on the renowned list of “Texas Super Doctors” in Texas Monthly magazine. Her published works span a wide range of studies in all facets of neurological diseases and disorders while her professional affiliations are equally diverse.

Kimberly Black


Kimberly Black holds over 8 years of experience practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and breath work. She holds a 200 hour yoga teacher training (YTT) certification and is currently pursuing her 500 hour YTT. Her passion for health and fitness has spanned throughout her life and this passion led her to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology from University of Texas San Antonio. Kim is a health and fitness professional for JKFITNESS; she motivates and leads clients daily through a combination of yoga classes, individual yoga sessions, metabolic testing, and personal training. She thoroughly enjoys spreading the message of self-acceptance, mindfulness, and self-awareness.