People often tell me they hear my voice in their heads as they face daily struggles in their lives, reminding them to make “the next wise choice.” I refer to myself as people’s “Recovery Conscience,” reminding them of ways to move toward “recovery” from whatever ails them! It recently dawned on me that I wanted to create a way to quickly and regularly reach out to people with encouragement and support throughout the day. Since my days are already filled to the brim with work, family, friends, and exercise, I had to find a technological way to get this awesome plan in gear! To that end I have created MotivateMe!©, a program for anyone who needs encouragement to make the “next wise choice” when it comes to food and weight struggles (or any other issues, actually).

The program works like this:

Sign up for MotivateMe!© by texting “motivateme” to 474747 or enroll here and choose one of several program options:

  • a one-week program (which has renewal options for up to six weeks of unique content)

  • a three-week program (which has a renewal option for an additional three weeks of unique content)

  • a six-week program (which has a renewal option for an additional six weeks of unique content)


Text messages will come between 8am and 8pm EST or PST. You can select either Eastern time or Pacific time, whichever is better for your schedule!

Once a person has paid for the program, they will receive:

  • inspiring text messages every two hours from 8am to 8pm every day during the subscription period

  • one daily educational email to help you get through your day

At the end of your program, you will receive a text message giving you the opportunity to sign up to renew the service. You will be able to choose from:

  • the next in a series of unique one-week cycles

  • one of two three-week series of unique messages

  • one of two six-week series of messages to keep your support and encouragement coming!

I truly believe you will find this program beneficial. Reaching goals that require a great deal of energy is easier when we take things a bit at a time. Use these regular reminders of encouragement to help you make the “next wise choice” for just the next two hours! You can definitely do that! Then let the next encouraging statement get you through the rest of the day! I trust you will find this program rewarding. I hope it helps you as much as my support system helps me along my road to recovery. I look forward to being your Recovery Conscience every day!

Program Pricing

7-day MotivateMe! inspiration $10.95

3-week MotivateMe! inspiration $26.95

6-week MotivateMe! inspiration $47.95

Contact Us

To enroll, text “motivateme” to 474747 or enroll here. For questions or other issues, please contact us below.

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