Online Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations For Your Patients

Would you like another way to set your practice apart from others in your area?

Add the benefit of having a nationally known psychologist, an expert in the field of bariatrics, conduct HIPPA compliant, remote, pre-surgical evaluations for your patients. Whether you have a psychologist on staff or refer your patients to various practitioners in your area, I can serve as an adjunct provider for your patients.

I am now providing HIPPA compliant online Psychological Evaluations for your patients (self-pay and insured) who reside in Georgia or South Carolina. All the patient needs is a computer with webcam and microphone, an email address, an internet connection, and a credit card for payment.

I have completed thousands of Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations for bariatric patients in the past decade. I am the author of four books related to weight loss surgery and am the creator of the MindPrep™ video series, an adjunct program to help prepare patients for the life changes they will encounter throughout their weight loss journey. I speak nationally and internationally to patient and professional groups on the subject of psychological issues pertaining to bariatric patients.

Who would online services benefit?

  • Those who do not live locally
  • Those who have difficulty taking time off work in order to make your visit
  • Those for whom it is difficult to leave the house
  • Those who would like to stay in the comfort of their own home
  • EVERYONE has this as an option!

Benefits of having me conduct online Psychological Evaluations for your patients:

  • I understand what needs to be addressed in a thorough bariatric psychological evaluation
  • Expert insight into the process of assisting the patient in preparation to have a successful outcome, which reflects well on your practice
  • Appointment times that are most convenient for the patient
  • Saves the patient time, gas and mileage by “meeting” online in the convenience of the patient’s own home or office
  • Convenient for your rural patients or any that have a difficult time getting to your office
  • Patients and your practice receive added value by having access to the MindPrep™ video series, a significant financial savings to your practice
    • MindPrep™ was created specifically to help patients prepare for the changes in all areas of life related to the weight loss journey (see

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