Many bariatric centers have a full program utilizing a multidisciplinary team of professionals that assist patients through the surgical process or the medical weight loss program. Aftercare for patients, however, is often limited to weight checks, blood monitoring, and medical exams. Patients want and need assistance in maintaining weight loss. Research is clear that patients do better when they are involved in a program where there are avenues in place for accountability. Once a person leaves a program, the odds of their regaining weight are dramatically increased.

BariAftercare is the program your weight loss center and your patients have been waiting for!

The program is run and maintained by Dr. Stapleton and her staff so there is no work to be done by you or your staff, other than to encourage your patients to participate. The components of this comprehensive weight loss aftercare program are gleaned from evidence-based information (of course!). They are also a result of Dr. Stapleton’s fifteen years of experience with thousands of bariatric patients whose struggles with weight loss, weight regain, and food addiction have been observed, both before and after their weight loss (whether through surgical or medical programs).

BariAftercare is designed to address the behavioral components and emotional issues associated with patients continued struggles with their weight, with body image and with an obsession on a “diet mentality” after significant weight loss. For many bariatric patients, these issues remain problematic in spite of their having been educated by a team of bariatric professionals throughout the weight loss process about the disease of obesity, the biological aspects of weight loss and regain, and the behavior modification tools necessary to lose weight and then to remain at a healthy weight.

Patients need (and want) ongoing aftercare.

BariAftercare is the program your patients need to help them stay on track and remain at a healthy weight. BariAftercare will help your practice stand out among other bariatric programs, and will result in better patient satisfaction and therefore, an increase in patient referrals.


Please note: the information and contents of each component of the BariAftercare program are applicable to both surgical and medical weight loss patients

MindPrep Videos

Five Pre-Op and Post-Op videos available online to all of your patients 24/7

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Eat It Up!

A copy of Dr. Stapleton’s book, Eat It Up! The Complete Mind/Body/Spirit Guide to a Full Life After Weight Loss Surgery

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Daily motivational text messages and emails to continually motivate healthy behavior in order to maintain a healthy weight

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Fair & Firm Retreat

Annual scholarship for one patient, chosen by the program providers

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BariAftercare Videos

A BariAftercare Welcome video and a BariAftercare Myth Buster video by Dr. Stapleton for all of your program’s patients

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Gotta Do ‘Ems© and My Day© Forms

Forms (linked on your website) for all patients to use on a daily basis

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BariAftercare LIVE

Weekly live talks by Dr. Stapleton on private online forums for your patients to participant in and/or watch at a later time, plus a companion worksheet based on the live talks available for patients to gain further benefit from the discussion

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Online Office Hours

Scheduled regularly (twice monthly) online during which Dr. Stapleton will respond live to questions from both patients and family/support people (all medical and nutritional questions will be directed back to appropriate providers within the program)

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Motivational Posts and Affirmations

Posted on a daily basis on a closed Facebook page for the BariAftercare program participants as an additional effort to help them follow through with the healthy behaviors necessary to remain at a healthy weight

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For your program’s individualized BariAftercare program:

  • GAIN While You LOSE (GWYL) 10-week online course

  • Additional discounted books by Connie Stapleton, Ph.D.

  • Professional Bariatric Program Consulting and CEUs for your staff

  • Live Patient Presentations

  • Regain/Revision Course

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Read more about the BariAftercare components and Dr. Stapleton’s other offerings for bariatric patients here.

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